Allyra Liquigan

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
“You’re tacky and I hate you.”

I have been passionate about the performing arts for as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up performing--acting, singing, dancing, and playing the piano on a stage in front of an audience. In fact, I’ve danced in the Disney parade with my old high school dance team. Though I still love to perform, I’ve found a creative passion for the backstage of it all, and therefore became an Entertainment Marketing major at Cal Poly Pomona. My biggest career goal is to be part of the marketing team for a big entertainment company, preferably in the film or music industry.

Music I'm Listening To
Social Media
Social Media, PR, and Event Coordination
All-Time Favorite Song
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Favorite Movie/Show
School of Rock
Brag Moment
Met BTS on The Ellen Show twice
What Makes Me Happy
K-Pop/music in general, performing, helping others, making other people happy