Dance is an expression of the soul through the body.  Come feel what it’s really like to dance.


HEAT DANCE is a 50-minute immersive dance class experience that features moderate-intensity cardio, muscle-toning dance instruction, and rhythm-based choreography in Hip Hop, Salsa, and barre work in our premium, state-of-the-art studio space.  Tailorable for all levels of ability, HEAT is so much more than just a workout — it’s a powerful mind-body experience that ignites your inner dancer and provides an incredibly good time, while reintroducing partnered dance to the masses (via Salsa Fusion) and blending all the favorite forms of Hip-Hop, Jazz, and more (via Hip Hop Pop).  We dance together in theatrically-lit studios to the tune of perfectly-curated popular music mixed in real time by live DJs in-class.  Led by magnetic and talented instructors we call “Dance Pros” who inspire us to sweat, move, and perform together, HEAT is a dance studio unlike any other in existence.  With and more than 8 in-person studios in development across the US, our revolutionary take on dance experiences is available worldwide, anytime, anyplace through our multi-functional online studio presence.  We promise: dance will no longer be intimidating, dorky, awkward, or lame; HEAT classes are the perfect date night, gathering of friends, workout session, and expertly instructed dance technique lessons.   We can’t wait to bust a move with you!


Heat’s Founder and CEO Brett Bennett is an expert in the fields of dance, guest experience, and corporate strategy who moves easily between the worlds of creative development and corporate entrepreneurship.  While achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business at the University of Southern California, she danced professionally and began her long-lasting professional relationship with The Walt Disney Company.  At the conclusion of her undergraduate education, Brett co-founded and ran Blue Tie Assistants, a service-based tech start-up in Delaware and California.  Over the last 10 years, Brett has worked in Management Consulting, Walt Disney Imagineering, and entertainment representation at UTA, before pursuing her MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management.  Brett continued dancing recreationally and appeared in Shape Magazine and Furthermoreä after her personal dance-incorporated workouts caught the attention of Equinox training staff.  During business school, Brett was accepted into the competitive Entrepreneurship Program and UCLA Anderson Accelerator where she began bringing Heat Dance to life.

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DJs &

Club DJs are the artists behind the sound of Heat Dance.  More than just mixing hits from the last 50 years to correspond with the dancing and energy of the class, our DJs are creating an hour-long soundtrack of continuous music.


Our instructors, who we call “Dance Pros” are the face of Heat Dance and have the most impactful role to the guests.  We hire instructors with professional dancing experience and a history of teaching; we look for those special individuals with contagious smiles, unique personalities, and unlimited enthusiasm for dance.


From our online community & dance class platform to our mobile apps and more, we hire the most innovative and inspiring UI/UX designers and developers in the US.


At the heart of Heat Online is a library of high-quality music and dance videos; we extend our reach globally with diverse and entertaining content.  Our creative team is constantly growing with talented cinematographers, editors, and crew.