Heat Dance was designed by world-class performers and engineers, one of the best teams in the world. However you move, this is the best place to do it.


We are a dance studio, both in-person and virtually through our mobile app.

"First-time guests can try a class for $15.
Individual classes are $30 each.
Packages of 10 classes can be purchased for $270.
Unlimited Memberships are $135 per month. "

You can download our app for free HERE. We offer a 7-day free-trial of our All-Access Membership and after the trial, membership costs XXXX.

Besides the content here on our website, you can find us on Instagram @HeatDanceLA and YouTube. Links are below in the footer of our website.


One of the best things about HEAT DANCE is that our classes can be adapted to any fitness level. With every class comes increased confidence and strength, so we encourage first timers to join us sooner rather than later, and come have fun!

Beginners, pros, and all other levels are welcomed. We recommend Torch for first-timers since it is follow-along, and we are proud of our Technique classes for any level of dancer.

We don't have a specific class with "beginner" status, but for those with less experience we recommend joining a TORCH class first.

The good kind. 😉 Popular music that varies in each class depending on the style: Latin, Hip Hop, pop, and rock from across several decades.

Yes, we allow drop-ins. If you're planning to drop-in for a class, you can call or check online to make sure the class you want to take has spots available.

HEAT DANCE Torch classes are a full-body dance-fitness calorie-blast that is incorporates technology, allows you to book your physical spot and track your progress, gives options for steps & resistance bands, and is more intense and effective than regular gym aerobics. HEAT DANCE Technique classes.....

It depends on the weight of the individual and the amount of exertion used. Research indicates that on average, guests at HEAT DANCE burn 650-1,000 calories in our vigorous 50-minute Torch class.

HEAT DANCE is for ALL genders!


Please note any injuries on your new client form and inform your instructor. We have lots of modifications for those who need accomodations and it's no problem!

HEAT DANCE is not liable for any injuries to persons or property, whatsoever. All guests dance and visit at their own risk.

We have had many pregnant women who are able to participate right up until their due date, but we recommend you check with your doctor before joining us at HEAT DANCE.

Generally, yes! That being said, everyone is different so please check with your healthcare provider to make sure it's ok for you to exercise daily or more than once per day.

Take class 3-4 times per week and you will feel and see visible results in 4 weeks or less. Results include long, lean muscles, flat abs, and a lifted behind. HEAT DANCE increases your metabolic rate and each class burns over 600 calories!


We are currently located in Brentwood and Hollywood of Los Angeles, California. Want us in your city? Let us know!

Yes! We have valet parking underneath our building (the entrance is immediately after Sweet Greens) as well as parking meters out front. We validate parking for our guests!

Absolutely. We understand the importance of protecting our guests and staff from the COVID-19 virus, among other illnesses, and have inplemented the following measures: XXXXX

Arrive about 15-20 minutes early for your first class. You'll need time to park, find our studio on the 2nd floor, sign a liability waiver, meet the instructor, and get yourself ready for class. After you're familiar with our studio, aim to arrive about 10-15 minutes early in order to be ready to begin on-time.

We suggest that you wear comfortable activewear, sneakers or dance shoes, and bring water, a towel, and

We provide complimentary water in-studio upon request.

We provide clean face towels that are used for sweat, etc. and are professionally washed using detergent recommended by the CDC for COVID-19 related concerns. That being said, we also encourage guests to bring their own for extra safety.

Not yet, but maybe in a future studio!

No locker rooms at Brentwood, we have a large single all-gender restroom.

No. Unfortunately, we don't yet. But we will soon!

We do not rent shoes, nor do we currently sell them. You'll need to wear/bring your own.

1) All guests must sign a liability waiver prior to their first class. 2) All guests must respect one another's space and cooperative enjoyment of the class. 3) XXXXX

Mobile App

Yes, our mobile app for iOS and Android will be released in June 2020!


Yes. You can stream through ClassPass as well as our app, HEATDANCE


Yes. HEAT DANCE gift cards never expire and the person you are giving them to can use the gift cards to buy classes or merchandise. If you would like to buy a gift card, please click HERE


Yes. If you want to buy one class or a group of classes, that's fine. If you're visiting regularly, you may want to save money and booking time by enrolling in our Unlimited Membership. To see our pricing, click HERE

Feel free to check out our About page.

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